I Touched Steven Cojocaru – Quick Touch

Steve Cojocaru is Meg Ryan

Steven Cojocaru or Meg Ryan - You Decide

Celebrity Touch Target: Steven Cojocaru

Why:     Because I am having a celebrity touching dry spell lately and this C-list television fashion critic just happened to be standing there

Where:  Los Angeles International Airport

How:  They say that clothes make the man, but in the case of fashion victim… oops I mean critic… Steven Cojocaru, I would argue that hair makes the man… look like a woman.  I noticed Meg Ryan standing in the United Airlines Premier Executive line (that would mean she was BEHIND me) boarding a flight to San Francisco.  Then, as the always-flattering fluorescent light caught just the right angle, I noticed that Meg Ryan was actually fashion gadfly Steven Cojocaru.  Same stringy, bleached hair, vagina and puffy lips (redundant, sorry), but just a little more feminine than Meg.  Now, granted, Cojo, as he likes to be called by housewives at the Kohl’s makeup counter, isn’t truly a celebrity, but I have been celebrity touch-free lately, so we will allow it.  In order to touch Flojo, I decided to suddenly decelerate, letting those people who were just going to get pulled out of line anyway for not boarding at the right time, breeze past me.  This put my modest caboose on a collision course with the flame-buoyant Today Show correspondent.  Thankfully, his hair bags must have deployed just in the nick of time because he only gently grazed me with his murse, saving me years of therapy if something else would have bumped into my rump.  Celebrity-ish Touch secured!

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